A platform for startup founders to raise capital, much faster.

  • 50,000+ investors database with advance matching
  • Secure pitch deck hosting and engagement analytics
  • Investor pipeline management with purpose built CRM
Free access to anonymously list your round on scoutraise, protect your time, and pitch to hundreds of investors in one go.
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Free Private Listing.

  • Get inbound interest for your funding round
    List your startup - add description, industry, team details and metrics (your company name is always private), and get inbound interest for your funding round from our pre-vetted investors.
  • Private fundraise and no fees
    Interested investors will contact you, approve their request to allow them to see your private info and share your pitch deck. All free of cost.

Comprehensive Investor Database.

  • 50,000+ Investors with verified emails
    Investors from all over the world, from Angel investors, Accelerators, Venture capital funds to Incubators with verified contact information.
  • Advance Filters and Matching
    Filter by geography, industry, stage, cheque size, seniority, round leading potential etc.
  • Activity Score
    Proprietary algorithm ranks each investor according to an activity score based on their recent fundraising activity.
“Scoutraise helped us find new Angel investors in our industry, one of which became the lead investor for our round. ROI of Scoutraise for us was huge.”
Ankur Sharma, CEO & Founder

Pitch deck hosting and Analytics.

  • Links instead of attachments
    Increase security, control downloads, turn off access anytime, and generate unique link for each investor to track engagement.
  • Actionable feedback and analytics
    Know who has seen your pitch and how much time they have spent on your deck.
  • Latest version always
    Update a file even after hitting send and everyone automatically has the latest version.
“Scoutraise transformed our fundraising efforts. Trackable pitchdeck was a huge asset in our fundraising round.

We knew which investors were enagaged and were sharing our decks.”

Anurag Abbott, Co-Founder

Manage fundraise.

  • Collaborate with your team
    Include co-founders and advisors in building your fundraising pipeline.
  • Better visibility & Lead Generation
    See your whole pipeline in one place and manage all your conversations. Find relevant investors from our database and add them to your pipeline when it starts to dry up.
  • Track momentum and Potential Commitment
    Fundraise is all about momentum. Use our tailor-made metric and get notified when you start lagging in your follow-ups.

Use scoutraise to close your fundraise 30% faster by only talking to the most relevant investors


2 main reasons to choose Scoutraise.

We protect your time by saving you from countless hours of searching and talking to wrong investors.

Our fundraising tracker and deck hosting lets you know which investors are engaged and which are not.


It's completely free to anonymously list your funding round for investors on our platform, investors can then get in touch with you to know more about your startup. In paid plans, you get access to our database, pipeline and pitch deck hosting/analytics.

We protect your privacy, we only show investors what your startup is about and metric that you share with us but do not show details like, name, website, contact information etc. Investors have to send a connection request which you have to approve for them to see more details about your startup and connect with you.

Fundraising for startups is fundamentally broken, startups can't easily find relevant investors. There are 1000's of investors but startups find only the top few to pitch, most investors except a few (YC, Sequioa, Tiger etc.) don't get to see any good deals, which is not optimum for both parties. We privately list startups by country, industry, stage and revenue metrics, for you to filter and figure out which startups you want to talk to.

We have more than 50,000+ investors from all around the world that invest in SaaS, Deep Tech, D2C brands, AI, Crypto, etc.

Try Scoutraise for free.